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Be Kind To Others

Start making a conscious effort to choose your words carefully before you speak. Say kind words. When speaking to others, squelch any words that convey critical thoughts or judgments. Offering constructive criticism to someone has its place. Only give it whenever it is requested or if it is truly required, such as when a parent […]

Mindfulness Practice

By paying attention to what’s going on around us, instead of operating on auto-pilot, we can reduce stress, unlock creativity, boost performance, and lead a more happy peaceful life. Mindfulness is the process of purposely and actively noticing new things. “Noticing” makes you more sensitive to the context and perspective of things. You put your […]

Fitness Focus!

Want to get more out of your workouts? Use more body parts, more consciously! First- FOCUS on what you are doing! Get your head in the game and your body will follow with more Power & “Umph”!!   When you concentrate intently on FULLY using a specific body part while executing an exercise, muscle activity increases […]

Burn Baby, Burn!

Doing High Energy- High Intensity, Full Body workouts get your heart pumping, muscles moving, and sense of self soaring! Burn Mega Calories, Blast Fat, and Sculpt your Muscles in a 20 minute Fun and Focused workout! Functional Fitness involves moving as many muscles as you can with economy and fluidity of motion.  No stomping.  No […]