Burn Baby, Burn!

Doing High Energy- High Intensity, Full Body workouts get your heart pumping, muscles moving, and sense of self soaring! Burn Mega Calories, Blast Fat, and Sculpt your Muscles in a 20 minute Fun and Focused workout!

Functional Fitness involves moving as many muscles as you can with economy and fluidity of motion.  No stomping.  No flailing. No wasted movement.  And your moves are  in sync with your breath.  It’s fully concentrated and concise!
This not only builds strength and conditioning, but power and endurance. Further, you speed up your metabolism throughout the day —meaning you’ll burn more calories all day long, even after your workout is over.

Try my “Seven Scorcher” exercises that will target all your areas!
From Arms to Abs & Back to Butt, Your Legs provide the Push!!

Do 3 sets of 7 moves:
Do each of the seven exercise for 30 secs – resting 15-20 seconds between them, and then rest for 2 mins between each set.

First,   do a light warm up “soft jog” in place: 1 min.  Keep a light spring in your step – No pounding the pavement!  Pull your shoulder blades back, put your chest out,  hold your posture upright and strong to open your throat and your diaphragm.   Breath slowly and deeply to get your oxygen circulating throughout your body, like warming up the engine in your car.  The more air in, the more O2 to your muscles because you’re about to crank them up!

Ok!  Ready to start! Do each move with all out energy for 30 secs, then rest 20sec before next move. Research shows that high intensity exercises burn up to 50% more fat than moderate exercising.


1.  Jump Rope – (or if you are outside, Jump Rope Running!)

2.  Plank Holds:

(1st set-) Two Leg Plank Hold;  (2nd set)- “One- Leg” Plank Hold -Rt leg up;
( 3rd  set) “One-Leg” Plank Hold -Left leg up…

3. Burpees : with 5lb dumbbells:
Get into a squat position with your (hands holding dumbbells) on the floor            in front of you.

  • Jump your feet back into a push up position. Do a push up.
  • Jump your feet back to the squat position as fast as possible.
  • Immediately jump up into the air as high as you can –
    with arms pressing up weights.

4.  Low Squat with:
Standing Shoulder Press (1st set)/ Lateral Lifts (2nd set) Bicep curl (3rd set) with 5lb dumbbells.

5.  Kick Ass Abs:
Flutter Kicks (1st set): On back, hands under butt to support lower back. Legs fully extended. Alternating vertical leg lifts with toes pointing forward.
“V” Shapes (2nd Set):  On back, hands under butt, lift legs and press legs apart, pull legs together.
Forward Presses (3rd set): On back, hands under butt, Pull knees into chest, press both legs forward with feet flexed, and pull back in.

6.  Mountain Climbers:
Get in Plank Position- (1st set) run your legs forward and back!

(2nd set): jump them in and out!  (3rd set) Alternate- forward& back -in & out!

7.  “Rockette” kicks with 5lb dumbells! Pretend you’re on stage!
(1st set): shoulder press  (2nd set) Forward punch  (3rd set) Lateral Lifts

Yay!  You Rocked it!
Take a 3 minute walk around and cool off!  Or, Sit and do a light stretch.

Go make a power  protein smoothie ( no chemicals!) and hit the showers!

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