4 Reasons to Go On A Wellness Retreat

Having trouble jump starting a healthy eating and exercise routine? You may need to get out of your daily grind and into an environment capable of helping you develop healthy new habits.

Whether it’s a camping experience, a resort tucked away in a beautiful environment, or a weekend cruise, wellness retreats can be the perfect way to open a new chapter in your life.

Here are 4 reasons to seriously consider one.

Motivation & Inspiration

This is a biggie.

Chances are if you are not living a healthy lifestyle most of the people you see on a day-to-day basis aren’t either. You may not hear a lot of positivity around exercise and healthy habits.

Change can be hard enough! Going to a retreat can pump you up with a new attitude and new thought patterns.

You have to conquer your mindset before you conquer your waistline. A wellness retreat offers a place and a way to do just that.

Learn New Skills

Do you really know how to eat a healthy diet? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Lots of people are in your shoes.

Do you know how to design an exercise routine that works? If not, spending time with teachers who are real fitness experts can give you the framework you need to remain successful on your own time.

Meet New Friends

Everyone on the retreat understands some part of your journey, because they’re all going through the same thing. Slipping into a welcoming environment full of like-minded people is a truly refreshing experience.

You might kick off a lifelong friendship that enriches you in every way. You might just find your next accountability buddy.

Or you might just have some truly enjoyable conversations.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, you’re sure to enjoy your time. This is especially nice if you never seem to make any friends outside of work.

Develop Healthy New Habits By Having Fun

If you’re not exercising it could be because you’ve never found an exercise routine you actually like. Going to a retreat exposes you to many different ways to move your body, and gives you a chance to try them without making a big commitment.

Something might just delight you, and if it does, go home happy! You’ve just found the exercise type you will stick to because you’ve discovered a love for it.

But Andrea, wellness retreats are really expensive.

Not necessarily. There are retreats for every budget. For example, this year, on April 27-29th, I’ll be teaching fun fat-burning, muscle building classes on the Reboot Wellness Cruise. You can get out on the water and ignite your new lifestyle in beautiful surroundings, get all the benefits of wellness retreats, and do it all for $497.

Not thousands of dollars. Not tens of thousands of dollars. And you don’t have to take a whole week to reap the benefits either. Want to learn more? Visit the Reboot Wellness Cruise website to find out what we’ll be offering, and to sign up.

Today is the point where all your power lies. You can’t make changes until you do something different! So I hope to see you there.

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