Anti–Aging Sleep

One of the most common problems I hear from my clients is that “I don’t sleep well” or “I don’t get enough sleep”.  Without ample sleep, we are subject to fatigue, depression, forgetfulness,  illness,  weight gain and probably a shorter life span!  WHY?  Because getting a proper night’s sleep is vital for restoring your body!  Deep Stage 4 Sleep repairs tissue, skin, and  organs; builds bone & muscle and strengthens your immune system. Further, a good night’s sleep will help you you feel alert, energetic, happy, and more productive! Sleeping is one of your best anti-aging practices!

So, you can see that if you are NOT sleeping- you are not feeling any of that!  This is one of the key the reasons we are sick and tired and getting old before our time!

Most people think that sleeping is a period of rest and inactivity, a shutting down of our bodies. In actuality, when we sleep, many biological functions go into high gear working to revitalize, restore, repair, clean out toxins.  Sleeping is the body’s time to “scoop the goop” that has accumulated throughout our day. The  first things we do when we wake up is pee & poop and blow  our nose! We are emptying our trash can that our sleeping processes helped us fill.

Sleeping even helps boost memory, too. The non-dreaming brain uses more sugar and oxygen during sleep than when we are awake. Scientists have have studied how alert the brain is during sleep using a ”position emission tomography” (PET) scanner and have found that the areas involved in learning new tasks when awake are still rapidly processing information while we are asleep!

We spend almost 1/3 of our lives in the restorative process of sleep, so getting in sync with your body’s natural sleep cycle is imperative for getting your maximum number of hours of ZZZ’s!  This will help you feel younger and more alive in all you do!

Here are some helpful tips to get to sleep, stay restfully asleep, and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day with a happy face!

  1. Don’t eat a big glutonous meal before bed. Your body will be in digest mode (not cleaning mode) for hours and you will feel bloated , gassy, and very uncomfortable.
  2. Try to get to bed at the same time every night, and wake up same time every morning. Establish your “healthy sleep” routine.
  3. Lights should be low, and room should be cool.
  4. Make sure your bed is comfy with a good supportive mattress and lots of pillows! Tuck between your knees to balance your hips and under your neck for cervical alignment, good breathing and blood flow to brain.
  5. Turn off violent & loud TV shows. Who needs murder, death, killing images in their brain cells as the last imput of the day? This is negative energy is NEVER condusive for peaceful sleep!
  6. Read a REAL (paper) book – no backlight devices such a kindles, and IPads- and get off your phone and computer at least a ½ hour before you get in your jammies. The bright artificial light from your techno gadgets suppress your body’s natural production of melatonin ( the hormone that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle) and actually stimulate your brain – so again, not helpful to falling asleep.
  7. Do relaxing things before bed to wind yourself down: Take a bath with candles, rub organic sesame oil on your feet and put on your snuggly socks (yes! It really works!) sip warm water or chamomile tea, do a peaceful meditation, write a grateful thought in a journal each night. Put a happy thought in your head. Pamper, care, & honor yourself and your body!
  8. Use your bed only for rest, sleep, and sex- not sitting up working late.
    This trains your brain for a peaceful , happy end to the day!
  9. Sweet Dreams!