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Interview with Colonel Pamela Hoyt, PhD

Ever wondered if you’ve really got what it takes to do everything and anything you might want to do with your life? Then you need to listen to this interview with Colonel Pamela Hoyt. She joined the military at a time where few women did, achieved a 30 year career there, scored a PhD, is […]

Claudia Rimoli & Jennifer Viator of Soothie Cushion

If you want to enjoy faster workout recovery times and relief from pain then Soothie Cushion is where it’s at. It’s the most versatile, portable, long-lasting hot/cold therapy product out there. Co-Founders Claudia Rimoli and Jennifer Viator stopped by Your Life Program to talk about the product and to deliver some interesting insights about posture, ergonomic support, […]

Women’s Empowerment With Susan Joyce Proctor

How are your hormones doing? If you’re tired, sick, constantly stressed, struggling with your weight or unable to sleep, they may just be in a state of imbalance. If they are, Susan Joyce Proctor can help. She’s a Women’s Wellness and Lifestyle Curator who focuses on helping women, especially women over 50, get their bodies […]