Walk Your Pooch to Walk Off Your Pooch!

exercise with your pet on national dog day
In observance of National Dog Day, incorporate your family pet into your fitness routine!

Living a sedentary life is one of the leading causes of obesity and illness in this country (and around the world), not only for ourselves, but also for our furry friends.  How many times do you or your kids slip Fido a scrap of food under the table or let them lick the plate? French fries, piece of cookie, ice cream bowl.  Then you both end up on the couch watching TV.  You and your pooch can very easily end up with a pooch around your mid-sections!

First of all, those kinds of food are not good for anyone- man or dog, so really minimizing them is the first step for you, and totally nix them for your pet. Neither of you have any natural digestive processes for Doritos and Haagen Daz.  Further, our pets are now as prone to diabetes, arthritis, and cancers as we are because of our over-eating and over-treating.

The best thing to do for Man and Man’s Best Friend is to ensure appropriate nutrition that mimics “foraging and catching” your own food. Man and beast used to hunt for live food and forage for nuts, seeds, and berries along the way.  This entailed walking, running, jumping, pouncing, attacking, catching, digging, biting, and eating. Now, in today’s modern world, “biting & eating” are the only part of that equation we do. We drive to the grocery store, fill our carts, and drive home. In order to get back to the original healthy process, we have to change up the order.   Before or after eating, go out and walk your dog!  Run, (trot or jog)  with your dog if you can.  Make it a habit to actively walk your pooch at least 2 times every day.  Getting out with your pooch will help you lose your pooch!  The daily consistency will jump start your metabolism and attack your fat!  Both you and your pal will catch the wave to better health and You will really dig how you look!  Pound per ounce –pounce on it!