Each Day Anew

As a Heath, Fitness, and HappyLife Coach, I am often asked about all the ways and methods I use with my clients to help them achieve their goals. First, I tell them that I am NOT a muscle-head gym rat, and NO you do not have to kill yourself to be thin. In fact, being THIN denotes loss of muscle and strength, which is not good, and is never the goal.   Being YOUR strongest and healthiest, with lean muscle mass IS always the physical goal. But, truth be told, the REAL goal everyone is searching for is Happiness! (mental  and emotional goal).  Whatever it is you want or whatever it is you are working for, the end result is supposed to make you happier, right?  Being in good shape makes you FEEL great!  Feeling great is pretty happy in my book. How many of you have sprung up out of bed when you’ve said: “Naahh, I don’t feel good”?

Being in good shape with good health (not sick & tired- and not on tons of meds) allows you to go do your special thing in the world. Accomplishing THAT is really the purpose to get out of bed. It takes taking care of ALL aspects of yourself (Fitness, Food, Family, Friends, Fun, Finances, Faith, and paying it Forward) to do it. You need a happy & healthy head, heart, and your hands (body) to do it, and be grateful for it!  That’s what I help you do. So, I wrote a poem about it and I want to share it with you. It’s titled:

Each Day Anew


As I wake to start EACH DAY ANEW
I am Grateful for ALL the things I GET to do
For Myself, the World, and for YOU.

My Heart is Happy, Strong, and Bold
I’m excited, as I LET the day unfold
For ALL experiences yet untold.

Thoughout the day, a busy world astir
For anything that will occur-
I Believe will work out well, I’m Sure.

I vow to SMILE at those I meet
I Choose Kind Words, My tone is Sweet
At Home, at Work, or on the Street.

My Body is  My gift to USE
Healthful Foods & Strengthening Moves, I Choose
Time on this Earth I will not lose.

My Hands are Useful, My Aim is High
Don’t let true FRIENDSHIP pass you by
Open YOUR HEART, big as the sky.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE of Abundance and Wealth

Andrea Hammer

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